Fabrics by Design

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Circles Kaleidoscope

Wheel of Fortune

Spin Spiral

Wide Triangle Lines Dots



Swirl Parsley Mesh

Multi Diamonds

Triangle Seeds Cowry


Pound Hashtag

Lace Petals

Mesh Balls

Hand Fan Floating

Side Triangle Glint

Diamond Java Sea Shell

Gye Nyame Cowry

Multi Tortoise

Circle Spikes Gleam

Grande Target Nsu Bura

Floating Flower

Electric Bulb Peacock Feathers Spread Out

Big Mini Record

Rolls Waves

Grotto Papaya Ye Asa

Spot Waves Beam

Hibiscus Topizo Flower

Rounded Flower Mini Squares

Branch Mud Cloth

Blotch Mud Cloth

Flowers Vines

Pointy Flowers

Eyes Diamond

Spaced Out Flowers

Branching Out


Isi Agu

Faded Mud Cloth

Tie Dye Bullseye

Stacked Mud Cloth

Black Lives Matter


Flowers Bed

Scrunched Waves

Circle Disc

Big Lips

Roses On The Edge

Triple Flowers

Ovals In A Row


Round Peaks

Concentric Circles

Nkrumah Pencil


Waves Lines Circles

Rounded Flowers

Pod Balls

Half Circle

Connected Pointed Oval


Clover Row

Oval Pods

Sunny Delight

Triangle Square Row

Fish Scales

Squares Hearts

Electrical Fan

Flowers Birds Blocks

Big Bible Snail

Spinner Spiked

Leaves Branches

Big Macaroni

Plain Solid

Pods Leaves

White Moving Sting Ray

Small Macaroni


Beans Sprouted

Waves Diamonds

Samacaca Samakaka Angola

Birds Nest Hearts


Connected Sea Shell

Curved Picks

Mythological Kaleidoscope

Mini Stars

Obaakofo Mmu Man Kente

Obaakofo Apremo Kente

Akyem Kyemfere Kente

Obi Nkye Kente

Yiri Boulou Mud Cloth

Floating Leaves


Swirl Mud Cloth

Babadua Kente

Kyeretwie Kente

Diah Kente


Calabash Mud Cloth

Multi Adinkra


Up Down Spinner

Full Tree

Rocker Slicer

Miniature Hearts Inverted

Marrow Ripple

Spiky Circle

Diamond Mud Cloth

Medium Mud Cloth

Eye of the Storm

Heart Lilly

Thin Oval


Square Blocks


Flower Spike


Triangle Zig Dot Mud Cloth

Column Mud Cloth

Circular Spiral Spike

Multi Tortoise

Sika Kente

Medio Target Nsu Bura

Picks Fan

Large Diamond Mud Cloth

Spiral Exclamation

Spiral Exclamation

Lace Petals


Circle Hole Spikes

Gye Nyame Diamond

Resist Dye Blocks

Tower Block

Bravery Mud Cloth

Small Drum Mud Cloth

Tower Block


Stargrass Flower

Entwine Pennant

Fire Works


Bloom Flower

Stripes Egg

Diamonds On Top Kente

Spiky Circle

Rounded Rectangle

Peacock Petal



Conch Sea Shell

Dream Catcher

Flower Stem

Mixed Macaroni

King Chair

Chained Petals

Boxed Petals

Revolve Circles

Peacock Feathers In A Pod

Chained Petals

Blocks Swirl

Diamond Links Atoghu

Anchor Atoghu

Blocks Atoghu

Four Petal Atoghu

Stretched Diamond Adire

Bind Circles

Four Blade Fan

Tulip Buttercup

Oval Spiky

Thin Mud Cloth

Circle Balls

Tides Waves

Square Maze

Thin Leaves

Triangles Cluster

Speed Bird Air Afrique

Speed Bird Air Afrique Triangle